Passport wallet – Garden

NAME  : Passport Wallet – Garden (LT-002)

SIZE  :  105 X 144 mm
WEIGHT  : 200G
PACKAGE  :  PVC pouch packing

It is the No skimming passport WALLET WITH ropical plant photography. We captured the fresh moment of the plant and put it on the cover design. even it has good function of ‘Skimming Prevention’. In detail, skimming of personal information in the RFID chip of the passport can be prevented in advance by shielding lm, made by 3M, that is inserted between fabrics of the wallet.


루카랩 여권지갑에 녹색의 친근한 트로피컬 식물의 싱그러운 순 간을 캡쳐해 커버에 담았습니다. 또한, 3M의 전자파 차폐필름을 내장하여 전자여권 내 삽입된 RFID 칩 내 개인정보 무단복제를 방지하는 기능도 갖추었습니다.

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